Cinebench 11.5 Benchmarks

In Cinebench 11.5 Win32 benchmark, the two test include CPU and OpenGL test. As the APU comes with a Radeon HD 6550 Class graphics, we expect the OpenGL results to be good.

First, let’s take a look at the processing performance of the APU on the 3 boards. All 3 boards scored 3.22 pts. When overclocked, the BIOSTAR TA75A+ performs slightly better at 3.84 points.

In OpenGL test, we get mixed results. Running on default clock and same memory timings, the BIOSTAR TA75A+ is slightly better than the ASRock and Gigabyte boards. When it is overclocked, it only score 35.29, slower than the Gigabyte and ASRock. This is largely due to the memory bandwidth as ASRock was running DDR3-2125 when overclocked while the other two is at DDR3-1800.