US pricing $779
UK pricing UKP 500
SG Pricing SGP 655



The picture shows the main interface.


The Huawei P8 comes with EMUI 3.1 pre installed. The model we have is a single SIM tray model GRA-L09. Instead of a SIM2 tray, it can use a microSD to expand the storage for pictures, videos, audio.


As it is powered by Android 5.0, a lot of vulnerabilities present on Android 4.4.x or earlier are patched. We run the trustable by bluebox security and it scored a high of 9.5.



We ran AnTuTu benchmark 5.7.1 64 bits edition on the phone and get a benchmark score of 46813. This score according to AnTuTu is higher than the rest including the earlier generation Huawei Mate 7.




One thought on “Review of Huawei P8 Android 5 smartphone powered by HiSilicon 8 core processor”
  1. Firmware B132 is released for EU market. This firmware is meant for single SIM card device model GRA_L09

    GRA-L09_V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    P8 V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    2015-07-031.41 GB

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