After weeks of using the Huawei P8, I find this smartphone changed my perception of non Qualcomm powered phones. The phone runs smoothly and it has become my defacto phone of choice for work and play.
Although the P8 empahsized on the camera features, there are functions like Wi-Fi+ which intelligently select WiFi or mobile network that would ensure connectivity. Signal+ is another feature which boosts signal and helps when the phone is used in high mobility environment such as trains such that it reduces call drop rate and network disconnections.
If you travel using contactless EZlink card, the NFC feature is definitely useful for you to check on your card’s usage and spending.
In addition, there are some features like Speech awareness which you can use to find your phone or place calls by voice. There is also Touch Plus, Motion control , One Hand UI which improves productivity.
In Conclusion, the P8 is definitely a smartphone that one would be proud of. It is a smartphone that is worth your hard earned money. We give it our Gold Award.
Pros :
Night shoots are clear with low noise
High Performance
Cons :
No 802.11ac support
US pricing $779
UK pricing UKP 500
SG Pricing SGP 655
One thought on “Review of Huawei P8 Android 5 smartphone powered by HiSilicon 8 core processor”
  1. Firmware B132 is released for EU market. This firmware is meant for single SIM card device model GRA_L09

    GRA-L09_V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    P8 V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    2015-07-031.41 GB

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