Huawei P8 Review
HC 14 Jul 2015

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Android smartphones are getting similar other than the interface. Manufacturers are all trying to differentiate themselves by adding new and interesting featuers onto their smartphones.

Although the Huawei P8 resembles a bit like some smartphones out there with it’s 6.4mm thickness, it has more to offer with a 5.2″ FHD 1080P 424ppi screen. At the central of the phone is a 8 core 2.0GHz HiSilicon Kirin processor which runs on par with phones powered by Qualcomm processors.

US pricing $779
UK pricing UKP 500
SG Pricing SGP 664







Powered by Android 5.0, it has most of the security holes present in Android 4.4.x patched. It also has a 3GB RAM and a 16GB ROM.

As for network connectivity, the Huawei P8 can connect to almost all 4G LTE networks be it TDD or FDD. It also supports the 3G and GSM modes.

As for WiFi connectivity, it is unfortunate that it  supports only 2.4GHz b/g/n. If you have a network that runs 802.11ac, you will be using the slower n network. BT 4.1+LE and microUSB are supported.

When it comes to multimedia capability, the Huawei P8 stands out with it’s 13 megapixel OIS RGBW sensor. It has a DSLR level image signal processor which helps take very good night shots. The F2.0 camera also take Full HD movies. This feature is supported with it’s camera software which makes it easy to do light painting which is usually amazing. (see pictures in the following pages).

The P8 comes with a 2680mAh battery which can last us a one and a half day of usage.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at the unboxing video, interface, pictures taken by p8 in various modes.

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  1. Firmware B132 is released for EU market. This firmware is meant for single SIM card device model GRA_L09

    GRA-L09_V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    P8 V100R001C900B132CUSTC432D001_Firmware_CEE&Nordic European Region_Others_Android 5.0_EMUI 3.1_05012XMN.rar

    2015-07-031.41 GB

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