Review of KOBOT RV337 Slim Type Cleaning Robot [4 pages]
OCWorkbench 14 Dec 2015

When was the last time you sweep, vacuum or mop the floor ? If you have ever vacuumed a room, you would have noticed that certain corners are unreachable. For example a floor with lying cables or wires. What about mopping the floor under the bed ?

With the KOBOT RV337, all these issues can be resolved. The KOBOT RV337 is a very slim rechargeable battery operated vacuum cleaner that not only vacuum and it can mop the floor at the same time.

Having a diameter of 285mm and a height of 75mm, it can climb up 5/8 inches crossing tiny kurbs or crossing cables lying on the floor. It also has infra red sensing for fall prevention. The RV337 can mop in dry or used with a wet mop sheet and is suitable for carpet and hard flooring. Weight: 3.7lbs or 1.7kg.

As it is a robot powered by battery, it needs a recharge when the battery is falling. The good news is that you don’t have to manually intervene the process as it will automatically find its way back to the home base to charge itself.

To enhance the cleaning power, the package also comes with a Dual cleaning brush with 6 wing design. So when it is able to sweep out the dirt around inaccessible areas of your room.
The anti-allergy filter and dust bin is also washable.

On page 2, we will take a look at the KOBOT RV337  package and see how it operates but before that you will need to charge up the battery for 3.5 hours.



The Package