The KOBOT RV337 does a good job to “suck out” all if not 99% of the dust that is in my room. Seriously speaking, I wouldn’t know so much dust has accumulated in the dustbin if I didn’t bother to open it.

If you are lazy to sweep, mop or vacuum the floor, the RV337 is definitely a good helper which will just doing it’s job without intervention (it even auto charge when battery is almost flat). In fact you would let it do the job when you are out of your house.

The KOBOT RV337 comes in 2 colours Black or Silver. Both are available online at Lazada.sg and S$299 at Qoo10.sg with 1 yr warranty from the local distributor.

US readers can get it at Amazon at $281 USD , UK readers can get this at Amazon UK at £281.40 pounds

We give this product our Editor’s Choice Award.

Editor's Choice award OCWORKBENCH

By Harry