Using the Mi 10T Pro, the phone si connected the the mobile hotspot using 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The Mi 10T Pro supports 802.11ax.

Connected through 2.4 GHz

With 2.4 GHz selected, the speedtest gave a result of 407 Mbps and a upload speed of 131 Mbps.

Connected thru 5 GHz

When the phone is connected on the 5 GHz band

Here are the results: We achieved 510 Mbps for downlink and 80.9 Mbps for uplink.

5G SIM put into smartphone

Finally we inserted the SIM into a Mi 10T Pro 5G phone and ran a speedtest outside Ngee Ann City and we got this result of 755 Mbps and upload speed of 61.2 Mbps.

From the test, we have an idea the speed we get if we were to connect our devices to the Hotspot. Using 2.4 GHz band we are still able to get a 407 Mbps and with 5 GHz band, we achieved 510 Mbps. Of course, we should factor in issues like location, connection, over head etc. With the SIM directly inside the smartphone, we can reach a high speed of 755 Mbps.