User Interface

There are 7 menus you can choose from – Radio, TV, Videos, Games, News, Magazines, Books. The interface is pretty straightforward and you can search or choose the Top 100 based on Genre or Region. In the TV and Games tab, you can choose the contents based on language.

Basically radio contents are generally reasonable. It streams well and the audio quality are pretty good. As for TV contents, most of them are low bit rate streams. Zooming into the full screen is not advisable as it is pixelated. There are some 1000kbps stream but it didn’t work too well on the network. The Korean streams at 500+ kbps seems to be better when blown to full screen.

Under the videos, I am surprised to find some popular Taiwanese dramas. I am not sure if they’re being streamed but they are of high quality and are watchable.

As for news, it has the feeds updated regularly. You can just read while listening to the radio in the background.

In the games section, I see some very addictive games of yesteryear. It takes a while to load and is definitely playable.

The books section has a number of online books catered for different subject matter. It ranges from Science to novels and even to finance.

In the next page, we take a look on it actually runs on a PC with a video clip.


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  1. Great review about muzee ICD-7 . I’ve been using it too for a couple of months . I can use it to listen to my other region radio, watching my local tv when i’m overseas and much more . But maybe it will be better if i can use it too in my Mac

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