After using it for the past few days, we find that the MUZEE ICD-7 is a nice little gadget that you ought to have. As a frequent traveller, it is good to be able to have instant access to home news and information.  Rather than spending time searching on the net for the various available stations, the MUZEE ICD-7 saves me a lot of time searching for them.

Even if you are overseas, you can easily get the latest NEWS papers delivered to you via MUZEE. As for TV stations, not all of them are available. Those that are available are of low bit rate which makes viewing a bit unbearable.

MUZEE might want to look into the possibility of licensing contents and deliver it through their own servers than to rely on existing infratructure like SOPCAST or TVUplayer. It might be a good idea to provide higher quality TV programmes by day subscription.

As this is a internet device, it will only work when you have internet access. It would be good to look into DAB or DVB-T for local broadcasts, that would make the device more complete.

Overall experience is pretty good except that games loading time took a bit too long. The TV broadcasts streams are also of low bit rate which makes full screen viewing not possible.

We give the ICD-7 our Silver Award.


Nice design
Easy to use
World wide radio and tv stations


Rely on sopcast, tvuplayer for video delivery
Games took too long to load


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  1. Great review about muzee ICD-7 . I’ve been using it too for a couple of months . I can use it to listen to my other region radio, watching my local tv when i’m overseas and much more . But maybe it will be better if i can use it too in my Mac

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