MUZEE Multimedia player ICD-7 USB Stick
Bluetooth 5 Sep 2011

Are you a frequent traveller or residing in another country ? If you missed your country’s radio or tv station, the MUZEE multimedia player ICD-7 might be able to help you.

MUZEE is a multimedia solution provider. If you have read our review of the ASUS O Play multimedia device, you would have noticed that it also uses their solution to provide on line streaming of radio and tv stations.

The ICD-7 can be considered as an enhanced edition of the software.  The MUZEE ICD-7 is an application software embedded in a USB flash drive that provides users with convenient and quick access to a database which filled with links up to 350,000 Internet videos, 200,000 e-books, 20,000 radio stations, 10,000 magazines, 5000 TV channels,10,000 games and 10,000 news sources. With a click, you can watch TV in US, listen to radio in France, read a newspaper in Japan and play a video game all in a matter of seconds.

As all contents are found on the internet, there is no need for subscription. Furthermore the list gets bigger when more media provides an alternative means of reaching to it’s audience and listeners worldwide. Simply plug the staple look alike device into the USB stick, launch the application and you have access to the world, with radio and tv in all languages, genres etc.

Enjoy non-stop online entertainment and users could prerecord or record their favorite real-time programs and read all kinds of worldwide e-books/magazines/news with the translation function. All the contents are filtered in advance and updated 24/7 with new sources.


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  1. Great review about muzee ICD-7 . I’ve been using it too for a couple of months . I can use it to listen to my other region radio, watching my local tv when i’m overseas and much more . But maybe it will be better if i can use it too in my Mac

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