Photos taken by camera


Camera and video modes

The camera consists of a Samsung 50.1 MP f/1.8 sensor model s5kjn_1, a OmniVision 8 MP ov8856 f/2.2, a SONY 8 MP IMX355 f/2.05 (front), Galaxycore 2 MP gc02m1b and gx02m1.

The camera mode consists many options which you can play around with. They include Professional mode, video, photo, portrait, More modes.

In the More mode, you will be able to see mode options like Night, 50 MP, Short video.

In Professional mode, you can also access the different scene modes and most importantly, you can adjust the EV, ISO, WB etc.

Click on the 50 icon and 50 MP is enabled.

Video mode supported is up to 30 fps 1080p

So, how would photos turn out from this smartphone ? Here are some sample photos we took with the back camera. Shots include Normal, Wide Angle (0.6x), 2X zoom, Normal vs Macro (Dollar note), 50 MP vs 12 MP (flower)

By Harry