Good news for 5G handset users, you now have another way to enjoy 5G NSA service if you are a TPG subscriber. The trial is open to all subscribers, there is no registration required.

TPG 5G trial is based on existing 2.3 GHz (band n40). TPG is also rolling out 5G mmwave on n257/n258 bands.

Get ready and do your speedtest and post your results in the comments below.

1. How do I enjoy 5G on TPG?

You will need the following to experience 5G:

  • a compatible 5G device that is configured to TPG’s 5G network and set to 5G mode for the appropriate SIM Slot (for dual SIM devices).
  • be within TPG’s 5G coverage areas. (You can still access the TPG network on 4G when you are not within 5G coverage areas)
  • TPG network will automatically detect 5G compatible devices and enable the 5G NSA network service at no additional cost. You will also receive an SMS to confirm that you are accessing our 5G NSA service.

2. Where can I enjoy 5G coverage?

TPG is working hard to rollout 5G island-wide. At present 5G coverage for this Market Trial is available at the following locations:

Building5G NR coverage zonesNot in coverage
Changi Airport JewelGeneral Retail AreasNIL
Great World CityGeneral Retail AreasNIL
Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ Mall)General Retail AreasNIL
Marina Bay Sands – The ShoppesB2, B1 and L1 Retail areas adjacent to Singapore River/Waterfront PromenadeB2 & B1 retail areas at the 2 corridors towards Bayfront MRT and MBS Hotel, and retail shops near B2M Casino/Hotel
VivoCityL1 & L2 (Central atrium/retail & F&B), L3 Foodcourt, B2 F&BL1 (Tangs, NTUC, Unity, Mark & Spencer), L2 (Toys “R” Us, north corridor towards Harbourfront), L3 (Cinema)

The network outdoor 5G upgrade is in progress and more indoor locations will be added soon.

3. Which phones support 5G on the TPG network?

5G is a new mobile technology standard which is still evolving. Some might even call it the bleeding edge! Compatibility may initially be an issue, especially if the 5G devices support a limited number of 5G frequencies.  While many recently launched handset models in Singapore are listed 5G-compatible, the device manufacturer may also choose to enable the handsets to work only on specific local 5G network(s) for commercial and/or technical reasons.

As we begin this 5G NSA Market Trial, we have verified an initial pool of 5G smartphones which are compatible with TPG’s 5G NSA network. Those handsets are the Vivo – Y72, X60 Pro, X70 Pro, Y76 5G, V23 5G and Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G. We are continuing to work with other handset manufacturers including Apple and Samsung to onboard their 5G devices to our network but much depends on the cooperation with these device manufacturers.

If you purchased your phone from outside Singapore or otherwise have a handset that is configured appropriately, you may find that its settings do allow you to use TPG’s 5G NSA network.

An important note: with or without 5G service, all 5G devices work well in 4G mode on TPG Network. There are no known exceptions given the maturity of the 4G standard.

If you are interested in using the TPG 5G NSA services, we can investigate with you whether your handset is suitable. Please drop us an email at

4. How do I know whether 5G is active on my device?

You will see a 5G icon on your 5G compatible device when you are within TPG’s 5G coverage areas. Please ensure your phone’s 5G setting is enabled. Note that some Dual SIM phones do not allow 5G on both slots simultaneously. 5G must be activated for the SIM slot holding the TPG SIM card.

5. What will happen if I am not in the 5G network area?

You will continue to enjoy seamless 4G connectivity when not in TPG’s 5G network areas.

6. What are the expected speeds on 5G?

  • On n40, downlink speed: up to 260Mbps.
  • On n257, downlink speed: up to 2Gbps.

7. Can I use 5G when roaming overseas?

TPG’s 5G is available within Singapore only (please refer to our 5G coverage areas listed above). We are working with our roaming partners to expand our service reach.

By Harry