The phone and water resistant test

The Sony Xperia Acro S is a compact device. Similar to the NXT series of phones, the battery pack cannot be removed from the phone. On the front, there is a front lens and at the bottom there are three touch screen buttons for previous menu, home and selection menus.

On the left side of the phone is the MicroSD slot and the SIM slot (Sony Xperia Acro S uses normal SIM card).  On the top are the connecting ports for USB, ear jack  and HDMI port. The power on/off button is on the right of the phone. The volume up/down and camera shutter button is right below the power on/off.

We put the phone into test, running a video clip and calling the phone while in water. Check out the video. Notice when we place the phone into the water, the pressure actually somewhat ‘touch’ the screen and the menu bar popped out. The screen seems to be a bit sensitive to the water perssure.


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