It was an irony that high end smartphones weren’t ‘protected’ from dust and water while the lower end sports phones are. It looks like Sony has got it right  by introducing this high end phone with water and dust resistance.

To prove the point, we have submerged it into water (watch video if you have not). It works perfectly but there seems that the water pressure might ‘press’ onto the touch screen and access certain functions of the phone. As it is water proof, you can bring it along during water activities and not afraid of missing a call or browsing the web using wet fingers. You can also enjoy streaming music in toilet without worrying about water damaging the phone.

Functionalities wise, it has all the latest found on Android 4.0 plus special features from Sony. The phone reverts back to using normal SIM which I definitely prefer it over microSIM.

The Xperia Acro S does a good job with it’s Full HD video recording and photo shoot with it’s 12 mega pixel camera. Day pictures are fine but night photos are on par with the Xperia S.

The phone seems to have good power management. In fact, I only charge it every 2 days with the phone left turned on overnight, sometimes with the WIFI Tethering function turned on.

In conclusion, I think that Acro S has set the defacto standard for smartphones. You probably won’t want to spend time hunting around for LCD screen protector as you can just wash off any stains under tap water. Sony has changed the phone scape, it is only a matter of time we see more competitors coming out with competiting products.

I give it a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and our Gold Award

Buy it from $429

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Pros :

Water and dust resistant

Cons :

1080p HD recording is soft


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