The Interface

These are some screen shots of the interface.

The phone is preloaded with applications and they include WALKMAN, music unlimited, TrackID, OfficeSuite which are add ons to the standard Android 4.0.

By selecting the Media icon on the task bar, you have instant access to all the multimedia features of this phone.

In settings, you can enable the WIFI, check data usage, check the apps, battery, storage. You can also enable VPN, tethering & portable hotspot, NFC etc.

About Phone gives us the status of the phone. From the screen shot, we can see that we are running on Android 4.0.4

PlayNow offers you Games, Apps, Images and sounds you can download.

We ran the Quadrant standard benchmark and achieve a score of 3109. It is in the top 3 in this test.  Memory and I/O is comparable to the top 2, it just lacks some clock speed in it’s processor.


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