ROG iDirect is now available on the Apple Store

Still overclocking your PC in old-fashioned way? Let ROG iDirect bring you the whole new tweaking experience on your iPhone/iPad! Thanks to the Bluetooth card that coming with the selected ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboards, you’ll be able to monitor your PC, tweak parameters such as voltages and frequencies in real time wirelessly from your iPhone/iPad!


Overclocking: Allows to overclock your PC on-the-fly on iPhone/iPad. This feature gives you the access to all turning and tweaking options required for overclocking.
Hardware Monitor: Real-time monitor system information, critical part’s temperatures, voltages, frequencies, and fan speeds on your PC.
Remote Control: Remote access to restart and forced shut down your PC

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One thought on “ROG iDirect is now available on the Apple Store”
  1. Just to put these number in perspective, Apple sells 8M iPhones a quarter. If Samsung really manages to sell 10M Galaxy S by the end of the year, it’ll sell around 30% as many Androids as Apple sells iPhones. Now, apple might increase the iPhone sales rate, but we need to remember that the Galaxy only came out in the second quarter.
    Very impressive achievement for Samsung.

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