Samsung has put up teasers on the web asking users to guess about their new phone. Similar to CommunicAsia held in Singapore last year. The Samsung Unpack site has not put up too much information about the upcoming phone. From the pictures, it can be easily guess that it has something to do with Ocean (which is bada in Korean) as there were pictures indicating the sea shore and a ship navigating through the sea.

In addition, there is also speculations that Samsung will showcase a new Omnia phone with Windows Mobile 7. So far, there are no indications that they will showcase any new Android phones at MWC 2010 but we might be wrong. No one knows exactly what Samsung will launch till 14 Feb 2010.


One thought on “Samsung might launch bada OS phone at MWC 2010 Barcelona”
  1. It’s not working with flash yet however It’ll run Adobe flash when Adobe’s done with it. I mean to say they’re just now releasing Adobe flash for Android phones. The Operating system do multitask just like iOS. It’s closing but save the current state of the app so when you go back to it, it will be at the same state.It doesn’t have ctrl+c. Hopefully Copy and paste will be replaced by smart linking. I hope there will be adding full copy and paste functionality soon.

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