Samsung Singapore today announced that One UI 5 will be released progressively to Galaxy devices from this month, enabling users the freedom to choose their own mobile experience.

The new UI update offers a fresh new look and feel, designed to provide users greater control over their mobile devices between innovative hardware and intuitive, easy-to-use software.

Users will welcome the bolder, simpler app icons and streamlined colour scheme, which makes the user experience more welcoming and seamless. You can even customise the lock screen to show your most treasured moments, and further personalise it by changing the wallpaper, clock style, and notification pop-ups all from one screen.

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Key Features and Enhancements

  1. Match your phone to your lifestyle

How you use your device can vary throughout the day. One UI 5 introduces new features that help users adapt to different demands in the day – because what gets you up, may be different from what keeps you focused during working hours.

With Routines, users can trigger a sequence of actions based on different activities, and with Modes, users can create customised phone settings to suit different activities from day to night.

Call notifications in One UI 5 have also been redefined to be more intuitive, making them effortless to be read at a glance. ‘Answer’ and ‘Decline’ options are also more defined with the redesigned pop-up call display.

  1. A Mobile Experience Built Around You

With the new Stacked widgets, user can drag and drop widgets on top of each other, or swipe left or right to quickly and easily scroll through each one, to free up space for a neat and tidy Home screen.

To help further streamline mobile tasks and activities, One UI 5 also comes with new Smart suggestions for widgets. Based on user usage patterns and the context of mobile activity, Smart suggestions automatically suggests apps and actions that will make the mobile experience even more deeply personalised.

To make sharing or capturing of content seamless, One UI 5’s smart text extraction allows user to easily extract text from images2 and paste it into a note. So whether is it capturing event details from a poster you want to share with your friends, or details form a business card, the new UI allows for sharing to happen seamlessly.

With the new Connected devices menu, users who have built a smart home with Samsung devices can control them via their Galaxy smartphone. In addition, the menu provides easy access to all features such as Quick Share, Smart View and Samsung DeX. For Galaxy Buds user, the Auto switch Buds menu allows user to automatically switch Buds from one device to another easily.

  1. Ensuring a peace of mind

The new security and privacy dashboard has been designed as simple as possible to make it easy for users to understand their device’s security status. It also prompts security suggestions and warnings depending on status, which provides a proactive layer of protection for most users.

  1. Answering calls without saying a word

Coming 2023, a new Bixby Text Call3 feature will allow users the convenience to answer phone calls by simply typing a message.

The intelligent platform converts the text to audio and shares it directly with the caller on the user’s behalf. With this feature, users can take calls in any environment without being disruptive or missing a beat.

Devices that will get the update

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