For the audiophile who lives for and by the sounds of their lives, Sharp seeks to bring their world of audio one step further with the AQUOS Sound Partner.

Designed as an all-in-one portable surround sound unit for the audiophile who is constantly on the go, the Sound Partner does everything from answering calls via voice commands to playing music in the clearest sound, all while weighing only 88 grams. Its sleek design also ensures it sits easily around the neck for comfort, convenience, and performance.

Sleek, stylish and splashproof

Equipped with V5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, it allows for connection to a myriad of devices for each handsfree use. Its rechargeable battery carries the system for 16 hours of playback time, all within a sleek and extremely lightweight design, measuring only 88grams light.

Answer calls via voice prompt or work out with it with no concern with its IPX4 splashproof index. It is controllable via three voice prompt languages – English, Japanese and Chinese. It is also AI compatible with all Apple or Android phones Siri and Google Assist.

Convenient Use At All Times

Other than providing a great surround sound, the design of the Sound Partner allows for you to be aware of your surroundings, be it while you are cycling or crossing the road. It is also able to eliminate the discomfort and fatigue from using in-ears.

For those who are in and out of online meetings will appreciate having the mike closer to them, this way the participants of the meeting will be able to hear them clearer without having to raise their voices.  

Get ready for a new way of hearing the world with your personal surround sound system that sits easily around your neck with the Sharp AQUOS Sound Partner.

The Sharp AQUOS Sound Partner is available at $199 on Sharp’s e-store and selected authorized retailers.

By Harry