Sharp Launches AQUOS TV with 8K Resolution* – The Highest Resolution TV powered By Android TV™


Singapore, 14 January 2016 – SHARP today unveiled its newest model from its AQUOS Super Premium XU Series with 8K resolution, offering the highest resolution among its whole AQUOS TV line-up. Targeting customers who want the best in terms of size and quality, SHARP’s latest release is expected to raise the bar of excellence for high definition TV viewing everywhere. The latest model in the XU Series further enhances the user experience by supporting Android TV platform and will be compatible with Netflix when it launches in Singapore in January 2016.


The XU Series is able to facilitate an 8K Resolution by using Sharp’s proprietary pixel splitting “Quattron™ technology”, delivering four times greater resolution than any TV in the 4K category. Furthermore, it has the world’s first** 8K up-conversion processor, which brings sensational close-to-reality picture quality. Available in 80” size, this new XU Series model brings the viewers an amazingly detailed picture with one of the highest standards in colour and contrast.


Additionally, viewing experience is further enhanced by the introduction of original contrast technology in the form of SHARP’s Ultra Dynamic Range Pro. The new direct LED backlight system provides contrast between extremely deep blacks and whites.  This engine constantly analyses the images to correct the brightness of a picture and adjusts accordingly, restoring the image to close to its original source. Additionally, the AQUOS XU Series TV is built with a liquid crystal panel which significantly reduces reflection from external lights. This new material, named the “N-Black Panel”,  offers a close-to-reality experience whilst minimising reflection.


The AQUOS XU Series further enhances customers’ viewing experience with Android TV and Netflix support. Watching movies, listening to music or playing games is now more convenient with Smart Remote which allows consumers to directly ‘communicate’ with the TV. This includes searching information on GoogleTM, searching for videos on YouTubeTM and using applications from Google PlayTM.


The Google Voice SearchTM feature is also supported by 87 languages*** with a high degree of accuracy. Besides being able to ‘understand’ sentences, Smart Remote is also able to detect various regional dialects worldwide. No other platform in Smart TV to date has this capability, language support, and level of accuracy. The new AQUOS Super Premium Series powered by Android TV will satisfy gamers as it enables up to 8 controllers**** to be connected to the TV for an interactive experience with family and friends.


“Sharp is dedicated to providing its customers with an enhanced television viewing experience. The AQUOS XU Series provides rich colours using our proprietary technologies for the highest resolution TV. With the Android TV and Netflix platform, customers gain access to a huge range of content which they can use with ease on AQUOS XU Series for a rich visual experience.” said Ikuo Kani, Managing Director, Sharp-Roxy Sales (Singapore) Pte Ltd.


AQUOS XU Series was recognised as an Innovation Honoree at International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES), making it a true flagship model with the best ever specifications to date for AQUOS.


The Sharp AQUOS XU Series with 8K Resolution is available at the recommended retail price of S$22,999 at Gain City, Sungei Kadut outlet.



*As the result of our laboratory testing using a test pattern with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. The product is not using an 8K LCD Panel. The 8K picture (video) from external input cannot playback and 8K broadcasting cannot be received.

**First in B to C 4K TVs as of May 21st, 2015

***As of Jan 2016

****The number of connectable controllers may vary depends on apps.

By Harry