If you haven’t hear abt the Amaze card, you are missing out. A card that gives you 1% rebate of what you spend for ($500 per quarter to qualify), stack up reward points of your exising mastercards from other banks and great FX rates.

Amazing benefits at a glance

1% Cashback

Stack up on rewards with 1% cashback on top of your current cards’ rewards!

No more top ups!

Link up to 5 cards and enjoy uninterrupted spending through amaze.

Great FX rates

Save on hefty foreign exchange rates. Enjoy Instarem FX rates with every global purchase.

Other amazing benefits

Track your expenses

Choose your preferred card and track what you spend.

Declutter your wallet

Link up to 5 Mastercard bank cards into 1. Start using your virtual card straight away.

Send money overseas

Use the Instarem app to send money overseas – at great rates, fast, easily and securely.

Mastercard World benefits

Enjoy even more benefits with zero liability pro


Get 1 percent rebate by spending 500 dollars every quarter e.g Oct to Dec 2021, Jan 2022 to Mar 2022, Apr 2022 to Jun 2022.Get $50.foodpanda voucher for free when you sign up and spend 500

Sign up using the referral link -> https://www.instarem.com/invite/EPz5Nt

  • Terms and Conditions applies. Download the app and click on this referral link.
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By Harry