It is been a while we meddle with our PC and network as everything were working fine for last decade. While we could continue to with the existing telco, we thought it might be a good opportunity to try the offering from the new comer, SIMBA Telecoms.

SIMBA Telecoms is probably the first to offer a 2.5 Gbps broadband at S$21.80 per month. Whizcomms also offered something simila but we chose SIMBA because of the true 2.5 Gbps speed that they offered. You can read about the comparison here.

As a speed test crazy tester, I go for higher numbers. So, speedtest is one of these tools that i used to gauge the performance.

We took out our daily PC which is a x570 AORUS Master which comes with a 2.5Gbps port powered by Realtek chipset. The setup is simple, we connect the output from the ONT directly into the LAN port behind the motherboard.

A number of tests were run and the results can differ quite a bit from as low as 1.2 Gbps and as high as 2 Gbps using Latency is between 1 to 2 seconds. The screen shot you see below is one of the better results we achieved. The upload seems to be quite constant and can do 1 Gbps. The downlink speed is the one that changes from different test server. We noticed that it is faster to test it against PT FirstMedia and GSL. below is the screen shot of the result and the Ethernet screen shot to prove we are connected directly to the onboard 2.5Gbps port.

Using another benchmarking tool nperf, we get better results when we chose server that has bandwidth limits of 10 Gbps. In this case we tested it agsinst PLN Icon Plus server and get a high of 2.183 Gbps for downlink and 1.108 Gbps for uplink. The avg latency is around 2.52ms

So far, we noticed that youtube loads exceptionally fast. As it is CGNAT network and the lack of IPv6, this product is not suitable for those who wish to run or host a server at home. This might be ok if they offer a fixed ip solution in future. It also doesnt’ come with digital voice service.

[15/3/2024 Update]For those who are used to seeing VoWIFI on their handsets, well it is confirmed that VoWIFI it is not supported too.

We will be doing more tests in the upcoming days and weeks. Stay tuned.

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By Harry