Tampines users are getting their broadband activated over the weekend. Some early adopters are paying $270+ dollars to trial and given us the first glimpse of what speed we would expect.

From the result, we can gauge that it was ran from the a desktop PC or notebook, directly connected to the ONT. The speedtest was also conducted within the web browser and not using the standalone speedtest app (the results do differ).

The ping time – idle latency, down latency and up latency are impressive at only 2 ms. Do note that this is tested against a local server – NewMedia Express.

It is not sure if there is IPv6 support. We also suspect it shoudl be using CGNAT to cater for more IPv4 addresses.

If you are expecting a speed closer to 2.5 Gbps, you would probably need to saturate the network with a better performance network performance tool that adjusts the time frame, packet size, multithreading etc.

So, have you installed your SIMBA fibre broadband? What is the speed you achieve? Share it with us on our FB or comment sections below.

Source : FB/Steve LIm

By Harry