The terms and conditions of the SIMBA fibre broadband trial has surface on the net. This is sent to users who were selected for trial.

Subscribers are not allowed to sign share the registration link.

The subscription fee of S$20/mth is paid in advance every quarter. That is, a S$60 will have to paid upfront for the first 3 mths. There is a 12 months contract to the plan.

SIMBA is not absorbing the NLT activate fee of S$53. This is payable to Netlink Trust to activate the port.

SIMBA charges S$80 for the ONT but will return a credit of S$80 to your SIMBA mobile number.

There is also a security deposit of S$60, which will be used to offset the 5th quarter bill. It will be refunded if a cancellation notice is submitted 30 days before the end of the 12 mth contract.

Some basic verification tests and timely feedback of information is required from the trialist.

From the above,, be ready to pay an upfront costs of S$60 (1st Quarter) +S$53(NLT) +S$80 (ONT) +S$60 (security deposit). A total of S$253 is payable upon sign up. There is a quarterly payment of S$60 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter, a total of S$180.

So, total subscription for the whole 12 months shall be S$180 (3 Quarters) +$60 (1st Quarter) +$53 (NLT), a total of S$293. That translates to S$24.41 per mth. The S$80 (ONT) will be a credit to your simba mobile line.

By Harry