SIMBA’s recently announced plan to launch a S$20 for 2.5Gbps fibre broadband has sparked discussions and generated interest within the online community. Consumers are curious about the pricing, package inclusions and what SIMBA has to offer in comparison to existing internet service providers.

One of the primary concerns raised by consumers is whether SIMBA will have plans to bundle in a WIFI 6 router. There are also discussions on whether the package includes a free fixed 6-series home number and if consumers can port their existing numbers from other telcos. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the limited availability of IPv4 addresses, which could lead to the issuance of IP addresses via CG-NAT.

Another issue raised is the stability of SIMBA’s network and how it fares in comparison to other service providers in terms of overseas connectivity. It is important to note that SIMBA’s broadband will be run on a fibre infrastructure by Netlink Trust and is shared by Singtel, M1, Starhub, MyRepublic, Viewqwest, among others. As a result, local traffic should not be a concern. However, international traffic will depend on peering and bandwidth. Given that most content providers are on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), it is unlikely that international connectivity will be a significant issue.

Given the significant interest in SIMBA’s fibre broadband offering, it remains to be seen what SIMBA will ultimately provide to consumers.

By Harry