Singapore Consumer Fibre Broadband Plans Comparison chart Update – M1 vs Singtel vs Starhub fibre broadband plans

Yesterday, Starhub announced their price plans for their Fibre Broadband Plans. They announced 7 different plans for end consumers, 4 normal plans and 3 Hubber plans with Starhub TV.

To our surprise, Starhub did not have any low speed plans e.g. 25Mbps or 50Mbps plan. The lowest speed is already 100Mbps/50Mbps at $68.27. Lowering the tier plans would probably affect their cable price plans too. That is probably the reason why they start off from 100Mbps instead.

Other plans include a 150Mbps, 200Mbps and 1 Gbps plan at $82.18, $102,93 and $395.90 (no discount rate). Although it is more pricey, they throw in a 2Mbps mobile broadband, free fixed line,  free 10 music DRM download. A slightly more expensive plan includes the 3 basic groups of PAY TV with discounts for hubstation hd rental and upsize groups.

 Singtel does not have low speed plans  (<100Mbps) but focus more on bundling tv and video services to their plans. Their plans starts from 150Mbps priced at S$85.90 which is similar to Starhub’s 100Mbps cable broadband plan. M1 will offer a 3-month free trial of the fibre broadband service at 100Mbps to residential customers whose homes are ready for service. Customers can sign up for the free trial only on 1 September at any M1 Shop.

The other plans offer a speed of 200Mbps which are quite similar as they’re bundled with tv and video services. Prices range from $95.90 to $109.90. If you are a football fan, the exPlore Home Sports Package might interest you. Of course, you would also get some discount with your singtel mobile line.

M1, the new comer has more variety ranging from 25Mbps to 1Gbps. 1Gbps would be too costly at S$399 per month. The more affordable plans would be the 25Mbps at S$39, 50Mbps at S$49 and 100Mbps at S$59. Just like Singtel, M1 also offer a Fixed Line thrown in for free incoming and outgoing calls.

Starhub has yet to offer their pricing structure. LGA telecoms has revealed on straits times that they do have a S$50 for 50Mbps plan in line. The other operator SuperInternet is prepared but yet to reveal pricing information of their services.

We have consolidated a chart which comprises of the existing data we gathered from various press releases and news over the internet for your easy reference.

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