We have seen the comparison chart of the various telcos offering Fibre Broadband running on light speed Fibre optical network in Singapore. M1, now with a level playing field is ready to take on the two bigger telcos in Singapore.

With an attractive price of S$39 for 100Mbps for students. It is for sure users without any outstanding contract will take up this plan with a recontract of their existing mobile line.

So, how does the new 100Mbps plan perform. Below is a screen shot sighted in a local forum. The test is done at 12 noon on a Saturday. With speedtest.net to local server, it is able to outperform by almost 25%, reaching almost 125Mbps for downlink. As for the uplink, it is able to achieve 32Mbps (falls short of the up to 50Mbps rating).

Comparing the price plans here


3 thoughts on “M1 100Mbps Fibre Broadband speed test results sighted; outperforms by 25% of rated downlink speed”
  1. What I’d really like, is a speed test for international! Does opennet improve international speeds (particularly on the weekends)?

  2. That speed is impressive but my download speed is half of it and my upload speed is only 20% of what was shown above. I read in one forum and seems like no one has manage to even get close to the promised speed. How about an update of the speedtest now? 🙂

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