Finally, SIMBA is extending invitations to its registered mobile subscribers for a trial of their fiber broadband service.

The fortunate individuals receiving these invitations via email are believed to reside in the Eastern region of Singapore – Tampines and Pasir Ris.

Participation in the trial comes with certain conditions. SIMBA mobile customers, who have expressed their interest and possess an unused NLT port, are eligible. Participants should be capable of self-installing the ONT and possess basic networking troubleshooting skills. Additionally, they are expected to provide feedback on their experience.

The duration of the trial remains undisclosed. It is speculated that the trial may be offered at no cost, considering participants are essentially testing and providing feedback to help refine the product.

Selected participants will also receive $80 in mobile credits added to their SIMBA line (wallet). The dateline for signing up is 16 Nov 2023 2359 hrs.

I think SIMBA will invite more subscribers to trial their fibre network based on location.

My thoughts : Whether SIMBA Telecom will provide the option to port your 6 Series number to a Fixed Voice Line remains uncertain. Utilizing an ONT, you’ll have the flexibility to pair it with a router of your preference or test it on your PC equipped with a 2.5 GbE port.

By Harry