In order to increase the speed of Internet access for mobile users, Chunghwa Telecom has used the 3.5GHz, the largest continuous bandwidth in the 5G industry, and refarmed it into the 5G frequency band of 2.1GHz, combined with 900MHz and 1800MHz, based on the existing solid 4G/5G construction foundation. , 2600MHz 4G spectrum, and is the first to introduce new technology application services (CA: Carrier Aggregation) of 5G 2CA + 4G 4CA in important business districts, colleges and universities, technology parks, national highway service areas and other important traffic locations in Taiwan. The theoretical peak mobile download rate exceeds 2 Gbps, which is more than 10% higher than the previous peak mobile network speed.

Jian Zhicheng, General Manager of Chunghwa Telecom Network Technology Branch, emphasized their customer-centric approach, aiming to provide the best network signal coverage and service quality. Chunghwa Telecom pioneered 5G services in June 2020, focusing on both speed and coverage. They adopted an advanced architecture to create an energy-efficient, stable, and high-performance 5G network. By 2023, their 5G coverage spanned 22 counties and cities, reaching 368 townships nationwide.

By Harry