During our evaluation of SIMBA fibre broadband, we’ve endeavored to attain speeds exceeding 1 Gbps via WIFI 6. Despite utilizing our desktop PC equipped with an Intel AX200 chipset and ensuring our drivers are up to date, we’ve been unable to surpass 900 Mbps.

In addition, we conducted tests using our Redmi Note 12 Pro+ smartphone, achieving a maximum speed of approximately 980 Mbps.

Today, we acquired a Xiaomi 14 smartphone and connected it to our network. Upon running speedtests against the same server, we were astonished to observe speeds peaking at 1.893 Gbps, remarkably close to the speeds attained when directly connected to the ONT or router, which typically hover around 2.15 Gbps.

All assessments were conducted using the same server, DIgi Malaysia, as their speedtest server imposes no limitations or caps. Tests were conducted in close proximity to the wireless router, within 1 meter, with the router positioned on the desktop.

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By Harry