Starting July 31, 2024, if your travel plans include visiting Singapore and you aim to utilize roaming services on networks such as Singtel, M1, or Starhub, it’s crucial to be aware of some changes. Singapore is scheduled to deactivate its 3G network on July 31, 2024. Consequently, travelers to Singapore won’t have access to roaming services on M1, Starhub, or Singtel networks (depending on their roaming partner) unless their home network has a VoLTE Roaming agreement established with Singaporean telcos.

This is what the three telco highlighted in their website.

How will the 3G shutdown affect travellers coming to SG?  

If you have a 3G-only or 4G (non-VoLTE) device, you will not be able to use any roaming services in SG after 3G shuts down. This means you will not be able to send or receive messages, access the internet, or make or receive phone calls, even to emergency numbers like 9-9-9. To avoid this inconvenience, please get a new device that supports VoLTE Roaming before you travel to SG.  

As for telcos with roaming agreement with SIMBA, the 4th telco in Singapore, they probably have mutual VoLTE Roaming agreement tied up as SIMBA started off as a 4G+VoLTE network. Currently, we are aware that telcos like Yes Malaysia and Jio India can roam on SIMBA 4G Network. They will also need VoLTE Roaming capable handsets to roam on the SIMBA 4G network.

By Harry