SIMBA, the 4th telco in SIngapore has announced it’s plans for 5G deployment. Based on it’s latest report, 5G NSA will be deployed in October 2022. It should be a 5G NSA deployment over n1 band.

SIMBA chose 5G NSA as there are more compatible devices that will work under this model.

5G SA and VoNR will be deployed in the first half of next year. SIMBA targets the coverage to reach 60% island by end of 2023.

With the limited bandwidth allocated, the 5G speed could be limited. Will it be deployed as a plain n1 or will it be CA with n40 will make a difference in the speed.

In addition, in the announcement, SIMBA’s Revenue grow 78% YoY to $57.4m, ARPU is at $9.19 per mth. The subscriber base also grow to 587K as of 31 Jul 2022. As at 14 September 2022, SIMBA has 622K subscribers.

By Harry