In An Unprecedented Move, Singapore Operators Jointly Launch the Connecting Tones Brand
Standard ‘2277’ SMS Short-Code for Use with Connecting Tones across Operators
Singapore, 17 March 2011 – For the first time in Asia, all three local operators – SingTel, StarHub and M1 – have collectively announced the adoption of a common brand called ‘Connecting Tones’.

Connecting Tones is a music ringback tone service offered by all three operators, which allows a user to replace the dialing tone so their caller hears music tracks while waiting for their call to be answered.

Previously known by other names such as Bye-Bye-Ring-Ring, Call Tones, Colour-Me-Tones, and ringback tones, the new Connecting Tones will now be a consistent brand identity for this popular mobile value-added service which mobile operators and record labels in Singapore can actively promote and market to all mobile users in Singapore. This move has garnered widespread support from major international and regional record labels such as HIM International Music, Ocean Butterflies, Rock Records, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music. Collectively, the operators and record labels aim to develop and grow the Connecting Tone business in Singapore.

In addition to adopting the Connecting Tones brand and in support of the nation-wide awareness drive, SingTel, StarHub and M1 have created a common access mode for all customers – a single short-code SMS number ‘2277’ to facilitate selection and purchase of Connecting Tones music tracks via the respective operator’s music store.

To mark this unprecedented launch of the Connecting Tones brand, all three operators have launched the Connecting Tones logo that encapsulates the ability for users to express their personality, individuality and lifestyle by making a connection to their callers through music.

Operators will also be rolling out a new brand campaign called ‘Change Your Moment’ on 17 March 2011 across broadcast platforms, that reflects this on-going expression of individuality, and how Connecting Tones will benefit both user and their callers.

In support of the new Connecting Tones’ brand campaign and to encourage customers to experience the service, six songs will be offered for free for a limited period starting 17 March. Customers will just need to SMS the ‘keyword’ of their preferred music track to ‘2277’ to obtain their free Connecting Tone. Terms and conditions may apply.

Mr Edward Ying, SingTel’s Chief, Multimedia said “Digital Music Service, including Connecting Tones, is an important part of SingTel’s suite of multimedia offerings. We are pleased to be part of this collaboration with M1 and StarHub to enhance the user experience of the Connecting Tones service, so that all our subscribers can easily express themselves to their callers through music.”

“We are pleased to be part of this industry-wide initiative, where the operators and the music labels work together, to promote Connecting Tones. By having the same service name, short-code, and potentially the same keyword for the latest Connecting Tones music tracks, we hope to encourage more customers to take on the service and make music a bigger part of their lifestyle,” said Mr Stephen Lee, Assistant Vice President of StarHub’s Integrated Solutions.

Commented Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1 Limited, “Our customers will definitely appreciate the convenience and easy accessibility of ‘Connecting Tones’. We are pleased to partake in this collaboration with our peers, which will benefit our customers through synonymous use of song codes and SMS short-code across all three telcos.”

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