Mobile users to enjoy unlimited mobile data from new MVNO, Zero1.

  • First 3000 registrants pays $19/mth and waiver of SIM and registration fees
  • Unlimited data with speeds throttled after 3GB is used up
  • 200 minutes of calls and 200 SMS comes with the plan, caller id is free
  • Usual Price plan is S$29.99 per mth

Singapore, 5th February 2018 – Come next month, users of mobile service in Singapore will enjoy unlimited mobile data that will allow them to truly do what they want on the go without worrying too much about a bill shock at any time.

Zero1 Pte Ltd, has received approval from the IMDA (Info-communications and Media Development Authority of Singapore) to offer mobile services in Singapore as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and will launch its service next month.

With the greater use of mobile apps, data consumption will continue to grow. This will include normal voice communication which is transported over the mobile network as data traffic. “We want to bring a new value proposition to the customers. Zero1 will launch Singapore’s first truly unlimited data plan”, announced Mr Stuart Tan, CEO of Zero1. “We have one simple plan that gives subscribers unlimited data at a very affordable monthly subscription rate. Unlike the plans currently available in the market we do not have complex plans with add-on services that customers have to choose from. Subscribers want more data today and our plan offers them just that.” added Stuart.

Unlimited data with 3GB at full 4G speed and thereafter the performance will be managed to ensure everyone will have a positive experience. It has been tested that common usage like Whatsapp, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Music Streaming over Spotify and Youtube will work normally. Mobile service is a shared network service. That means no one subscriber will have dedicated bandwidth allocated. We make use of technology to manage different users to ensure a smooth and positive experience.

Mr Tan revealed that its unlimited data plan will be retailed at $29.99(inclusive of GST) per month. For the launch and for a limited number of customers, the monthly subscription rate will be offered at $19 per month. Subscribers will also enjoy free 200 local voice minutes and 200 SMSes. Registration fees and SIM card cost will also be waived at launch.

Taking the cue from MNOs, M1 who has already partnered a MVNO and Starhub who announced it is in talks with interested parties, Mr Tan is confident that this signals local operators are opened to partnerships that will add value to the market. “We have partnered a MNO whom we believe has the best mobile network in Singapore. This allows us to focus on bringing innovative services and solutions to the customers and not having to worry about the mobile network performance”, said Stuart.

“The role of a MVNO is different from mobile operators like SingTel, StarHub and M1. While they invest in the mobile network to ensure great connectivity and mobile
experience, we focus on adding value by developing innovative lifestyle solutions and creative service packages to meet customers’ needs.”, said Mr Tan.

While Zero1 is a new start-up, Mr Stuart Tan is no newcomer to the industry. As a techie himself, he was involved in the development and launch of the Dial, a voice command activated smart watch that was launched by, a technology company founded by innovator and global music artist,, who is taking the lead to innovate and bring usable technology to the market.

“We will start with the basic mobile services. A suite of applications will help customers stay connected and meet their social and lifestyle needs,” shared Mr Tan. One such service is a Zero1 app that will be released in the 3rd quarter of this year that allows subscribers to enjoy free voice roaming and very competitive data roaming rates. Other solutions could be entertainment services like music and movie streaming, AI and VR solutions from its American, European and Asia partners. When asked, Mr Stuart disclosed that Zero1 is already in talks with mobile operators in the Asian region and aims to bring the Zero1 brand to the region. It is targeting for 3-5% of market share in each regional market initially.

“We are excited be the first operator to bring the best value service to Singaporeans. We are confident that Singaporeans will benefit most. Customers who currently have their mobile service can port in to Zero1 or they can pick their choice numbers when they register. You can pre-register for our Zero1 service to enjoy our launch offer at our website, ,” said Mr Tan.

About Zero1 Pte Ltd
Zero1 Pte Ltd is a Singapore company founded in 2017. It is licensed by the Infocommunications and Media Development Authority of Singapore and it offers mobile service in Singapore as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Zero1 partners the local mobile operator who has the best mobile network to ensure its subscribers enjoy the best mobile coverage and usage experience. With its technological knowhow, it will bring innovative solutions and applications to its customers to fully maximise their mobile service experience and improve their life.

By Harry