Update :

The NSA network signal is detectable at Stadium MRT and it runs on Band 78 (3500 MHz).

*Corrected it should be NSA network and not SA network.

A user Ryan tested the speedtest on the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G and was able to achieve around 400 Mbps downlink speed.

It is noticeable the low ping time of 8ms.

Credits Ryan

From the diagnostics. It can be clearly seen that it is actually running 5G NSA network at band 78 (3500 MHz).

The phone was conencted to Standlone networko at 5G Band 78 (3500 MHz) network Credits Ryan

If you own a 5G device and is subscribed to the 5G trial plan, do test it out and send in your results to ocworkbench at gmail.com


Low latency of 9ms

By Harry