The latest Google Photo update has brought some interesting features into the photo editor. version

To access it, click on the photos from your photos icon or google photos icon. Click on the equaliser icon.

You can now adjust Warm, Cool or Enhance colours.

Image may contain: food
The equaliser icon is the second from the left
Image may contain: food, text that says "7:26 of LTE 1% Enhance Warm Cool Suggestions Crop Cancel Save"

You can also change the Brightness, Contrast, White point, Highlights, Shadows, Black point, Saturation, Warmth, Tint, Skin Tone, Blue tone or apply pop or vignette. You can also apply Filters to the photo.

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Image may contain: food, text that says "7:28 1% > Metro Eiffel Blush Modena op Adjust Filters More Cancel Save"

As for Potraits shows, you can choose between Enhance, B&W Potrait, Colour Pop. In Adjust, there is Blur and Colour Focus in additional to the Brightess, Whitepoint, Shadows etc. You can also apply filters just like normal photos.

The changes in the app should be available for the older Pixel 2 series too. Do comment below and tell us your if you like these new features.