The new BigPay card by AirAsia is here and available in Sunny Singapore.

If you are familiar with Youtrip or Revolut, BigPay is rather new and has some catching up to the competitors out there.

Pay and get AirAsia points and remit rinngit to Malaysia or other currencies to Asian countries at better rates than banks exchange rates.

It’s a powerful app that tracks your expenses and lets you manage your money in real time 💵 More than a boring e-wallet, BigPay comes with a striking blue card that you can use anywhere in the world.

The app also has auto classification of where you spend your money. It helps you to budget your monthly expenses.

You can also send money to friends or yourself. Do take note there is a $1 charge when sending to your local bank account.

I like the clean interface of BigPay. It is a pity that we can’t really travel to test out the card. According to the TnC, there is a waiver of the 1% charge. It is not known if they will charge that in the future.

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Just register on the app using this link: and enter this code
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By Harry