ASUS today announced SmartHome, the award-winning, easy-to-use home-monitoring system with simple setup and no monthly subscription fees. With SmartHome, users can control their home appliances and monitor all their SmartHome wireless devices via the free ASUS SmartHome app on their mobile devices when connected to Wi-Fi or using mobile data — helping to keep their home and their families safe and comfortable.


SmartHome is designed to create safe and energy-efficient living spaces. It supports a variety of wireless standards — including Zigbee®, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® — to control and monitor SmartHome devices, which include the Smart Door Lock, Open/Close Sensor, Motion Sensor and Siren, Meter Plug and the Temperature/Humidity Sensor. These devices can be used individually or paired together for a range of possibilities. All devices are managed via the central ASUS SmartHome Gateway.

The award-winning ASUS SmartHome solution has won several prestigious international awards in commitment of design and engineering excellence — including iF Design award in Germany, Best Choice award at Computex Exhibition and Good Design awards in Japan — for its simplicity and versatility. SmartHome also offers users free software and firmware updates, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of home appliances.


ASUS SmartHome Gateway

The stylish ASUS SmartHome Gateway is the central hub of the SmartHome system. It works with SmartHome devices to monitor and control users’ homes, and keep them up to date with what’s happening there. ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections allow maximum control and flexibility to connect different home appliances for total home control. Industrial-grade security from Trend Micro™ uses robust data encryption to give users total peace of mind. The intuitive ASUS SmartHome app gives users control of their home wherever they are via their mobile devices with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. Software and firmware updates are free ensuring unrivaled compatibility. The Gateway allows round-the-clock protection of a home, monitoring whatever aspects of the home are important to the user.


ASUS SmartHome devices: easy to use, versatile and stylish

A full range of ASUS SmartHome devices is available that can be connected wirelessly to the Gateway with just a single click, making it easy to set up and expand the system as needed. Individual devices can also be paired together to allow linked actions and alerts, which opens up a range of possibilities. The devices all have a stylish, matching design that allows them to blend in with any décor. All devices are either free-standing or use a flexible screw-free mounting system for easy installation anywhere in the home. Each device has a low battery indicator keeping users free from worry.

ASUS SmartHome Door Lock protects your home against intruders. It has an exclusive anti-tamper design that will alert you if anyone tries to tamper with the lock, and will automatically lock after 30 seconds, along with triggering the SmartHome Siren to scare off intruders. SmartHome Door Lock has four different access methods: password, NFC, the SmartHome app or a traditional key to unlock. The randomized code protection feature helps deter anyone trying to guess your password – keeping your home secure. The lock itself is also rigorously tested with high-voltage shock testing up to 30,000-volt electrostatic discharge, meaning the lock will work even under the harshest conditions for constant round-the-clock security.

ASUS SmartHome Meter Plug can be scheduled or controlled remotely to turn any electrical item on or off, giving users full power control over their home appliances. It can also monitor electricity consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Meter Plug is certified by KEMA-KEUR of DEKRA meeting high-level European electrical safety standards. To protect the appliance, it has built-in safe modes that either diverts excess electricity to a grounding wire shielding the appliance if surge situations occur or automatically shutting off power if overcurrent conditions occur.

ASUS SmartHome Open/Close Sensor monitors items such as doors, drawers, cupboards or windows, instantly alerting users if they are opened or closed. Users can help to keep off-limits areas safe and secure from children or pets at home.

ASUS SmartHome Motion Sensor alerts users to suspicious or unexpected movement around their homes. Its 360° rotating stand and 8-meter detection radius means users will never miss a thing.

ASUS SmartHome Temperature/Humidity Sensor monitors the home environment to help keep family members comfortable. It can monitor temperature and humidity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

ASUS SmartHome Siren can be configured to work with other SmartHome devices to warn users of abnormal situations with a sonic alert, a flashing light and notifications via the ASUS SmartHome app.


AVAILABILITY & PRICING (Embargoed 15th March, 0000hr)

The ASUS Smart Home will be first launched on the 16th March 2017, at the IT Show 2017.

Description Pricing Availability
Package of – ASUS Open & Close Sensor, Motion Sensor, Gateway, Siren, Meter Plug, Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Launch Price: $784

IT Show Price: $699

16 March 2017, IT Show 2017
Purchase with Purchase – ASUS Smart Door Lock Launch Price: $599

IT Show Price: $499

SmartHome Gateway $399
Smart Door Lock $599
Smart Meter Plug $99
Smart Siren $99
Open & Close Sensor $69
Temperature & Humidity Sensor $69
Motion Sensor $109



By Harry