SONY announces new Bravia 3D TV, 3D Camcorders, cameras and VAIO Notebooks at INSPRING INNOVATION event held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
bluetooth 22 Feb 2011

Early today, SONY Singapore launches new product line up for year 2011 for South East Asia market. The product ranged from internet capable Bravia 3D TVs, 3D Camcorders, Compact Cameras and latest Intel 2nd generation core i5/i7 powered desktop replacements and notebooks.

For notebooks, SONY announces 4 VAIO series that caters to different group of users.

new lineup of VAIO notebooks and PCs – the VAIO S, F, C and L series. Ranging from all-in-one PCs to sleek notebooks, the new VAIO lineup provides options to meet different lifestyle needs, be it for use at home or on the go, for business or entertainment.

Featuring a light emitting material that stands out beautifully from the crowd, the VAIO C series is designed to brighten the life of users. Sporting a 16 inch Full HD display that is optimised for comfortable, flicker-less viewing, the VAIO F series brings entertainment to life with crisp and brilliant 3D images. The VAIO S series, with a 13.3 inch screen in a slim full-flat design, makes for the ideal mobile PC. The ultimate all-in-one desktop PC offering superior performance, the VAIO L series features a brand new touch function and a 24 inch full HD panel.

VAIO C – High-end performance and unique light emitting material to energise your life

Designed to brighten the lives of users, the 14 inch[1] and 15.5 inch[2] wide screen VAIO C series uses a rare light emitting material on the top panel and palm rest of the body – allowing the notebook to absorb and reemit light that shines through the edge surfaces. With this unique design feature, users are able to choose colours[3] that will best energise add a dash of style to their lives.


VAIO F – Enjoy advanced 3D technology and HD entertainment

The first 3D-compatible VAIO notebook range, the VAIO F Series uses quality frame sequential panel technology with LED backlit control, rather than passive polarised 3D screens. Paired with the same active shutter glasses developed for BRAVIA 3D TVs, this sophisticated technique ensures sharper, brighter images with a super-fast response time and a wide viewing angle, allowing more users to enjoy 3D entertainment on the VAIO at the same time. Frame sequential technology alternately displays Full HD (1920 x 1080) 3D images for the left and right eye at up a smooth 240fps high frame rate. From movies to sports, games and more, users will be rewarded a more relaxed 3D experience, even after extended viewing periods.


A single touch of the 3D button converts 2D viewing into 3D, giving users more ways to experience their favourite entertainment. Apart from ‘native’ supported 3D content which includes movies on Blu-ray Disc™, games and videos, users can also enjoy 3D images captured with select Cyber-shot™ digital cameras and α DSLR cameras. What’s more, 2D movies on Blu-ray Disc, DVD or personal videos can also be instantly converted to simulated 3D video. For a larger viewing experience, users can effortlessly connect the PC to a compatible HDTV with 3D via its HDMI™ output[4].


VAIO L – Ideal all-in-one PC with full HD touch panel provides fun for the whole family

Beautifully-styled in glossy black, the new VAIO L Series delivers all the power of a premium entertainment PC in a slim, stylish all-in-one design that sits perfectly with any home décor. Featuring a newly developed touch function and superior performance, the VAIO L series comes pack with a performance-enhancing 8GB of memory and a roomy 1TB hard disk, providing generous space for multimedia content.

Users can browse through digital images, videos, games, music tracks or web pages effortlessly with flick, drag and rotate gestures on the 24 inch full HD touch screen. Unique to the VAIO L series, the display has an extended touchable area, with sensors located on the bezel. This technology provides simple access to everyday shortcuts without interrupting the current view on the screen.

The touch panel is also a brilliant tool for children draw and paint with their fingers in a fuss-free way, thanks to the new easy-to-use YouPaint software. The WebCam Message Board allows users to take photos with the built-in camera and add hand-written messages, which can even be sent as email attachments. The VAIO L series supports multi-touch for up to two points, enabling co-creation and sharing of fun and entertainment.  

VAIO S – the ultimate mobile PC with the perfect balance of design and performance

Weighing just 1.71 kg[5] in a 23.9mm slim full-flat body, the VAIO S series features an aluminum palm rest and magnesium body, allowing the notebook to remain thin and light while maintaining the necessary ruggedness for mobile use. To increase mobility, the VAIO S series also comes with an optional extended battery that increases battery life to 12 hours[6], doubling the primary battery capacity of 6 hours[7].  Further optimizing its efficiency, the VAIO S series comes with a convenient Quick Boot feature, starting up the computer just within 17 seconds[8] from shut down.

The new VAIO S Series features a 13.3 inch LCD screen that comes with an anti-reflective glossy finish, providing a high contrast image that is easy on the eyes. The clean, slick, well thought out design of the VAIO S series is not only attractive – it is also key in realising superior robustness and structural integrity to ensure portability for the mobile professional or tech-savvy student.

Packed with convenient features to enrich users’ experience

To best take care of all entertainment and business needs, the new VAIO PCs run on the power-packed Intel® Core™ i7 processor[9]. Additionally, the VAIO F and L series are supported by NVIDIA® GeForce GT 540M GPU, while the VAIO C comes with the latest AMD Radeon™ HD 6630M discrete GPU with 1GB VRAM, while the VAIO S Series is powered by AMD RadeonTM HD6470. To maximise performance while reducing power consumption, the VAIO C and S series come with the Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System. The VAIO S series even features a performance switch that allows users to easily choose between the SPEED mode for the fastest performance or STAMINA mode to allow the battery to last even longer.  All four new VAIO series also feature the USB3.0m which transfers large size data almost ten times[10] faster than USB2.0.


Plug in headphones in to the VAIO F and L series and users can enjoy music and movies in cinematic surround sound with Dolby® Home Theater v3 – delivering an extra dimension of audio entertainment. For a robust 3D entertainment experience on the VAIO F, the S-force front surround 3D technology creates a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound effect from two Inbox bass-reflex speakers, resulting in powerful, realistic sound that enhances both 3D and 2D content.

The VAIO C, F and L series feature an in-built HD web camera powered by the “Exmor” CMOS sensor, providing high-quality images and allowing users to share photos, videos, or chat at 1.3M pixel HD resolution[11] with noise reduction in low-light situations.

The new VAIO range are equipped with a variety of useful features, such as the ‘WEB’ button for speedy access to the browser without booting up the operation system, a dedicated ‘ASSIST’ button that gives one-touch access to VAIO Care for basic maintenance and troubleshooting and a ‘VAIO’ button which launches Media Gallery for effortless browsing through users’ various media files.