A couple of images of an unknow Sony Ericsson model running Windows Phone 7 operating system is spotted in the wild

The unknow Sony Ericsson phone is a QWERTY model with full four rows of keys. The Windows Phone keys are viewable below the screen and the phone is charged with a micro USB cable. The origin of the photos are unkown, but it seems to be captured by Mr. Blurycam on the usual tidy desktop we have seen leaked images from before.

Sony Ericssons main focus is now on Android smartphones. But during Mobile World Congress earlier this year Sony Ericsson said they not are tied to one particular operating system. From that, we conclude that other operating sytems are in the pipeline. Such as this Windows Phone 7 prototype shown in the gallery below.

We can’t authenticate the images of course, and the person taking them would probably not want that to happen either.