NASA posted this video to demystify the myth that the end of world on 21 Dec 2012.

The video seemed to be released on youtube before it’s scheduled date on the 22nd Dec 2012. NASA might have their reasons for doing so. This might be due to the amount of emails questioning NASA.

Check out the video before you do something stupid !


2 thoughts on “Special NASA posted video Why the world didn’t end yesterday ?”
  1. It is the very same as if someone will claim, that when the clock at the analog clocks hit 12h, the world end. Absolutely crazy. However I hope to learn if the crossing of the galactic plane of rotation the Mayans predicted well precisely 🙂 That the vid did not answer me a single bit. But I understand that the vid is meant to keep the people calm. However I did not much trust NASA at all, because (and even this vid prove it) it is a political organization and it is proven to fake things. And I did not talking only about the fake last two Gemini missions, all the Apollo missions and the rovers allegedly on the Mars. There are many many more things that are at eleast questionable if not downright false.

    You can easily look at this vid:
    …where NASA cannot even keep the video transition in 2012 flawlessly from ISS. And I mainly wonder about why the circular windows in the Japansee lab are blinded. What we better shall not see? Could something unexpectedly fly there?

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