Search engines are an essential part of the internet, helping us find what we need quickly and easily. But with so many search engines out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 search engines in the world today.

  1. Google: As one of the most popular search engine on earth, Google has become synonymous with searching online for anything and everything from images to news articles to videos – making it number 1 on our list!
  2. Bing: Microsoft’s own offering comes in at a close second behind Google as far as usage goes; Bing offers more than just web searches but also allows users to access maps and other services too!

3 Yahoo!: Another veteran player in this field is Yahoo!, who have been around since 1994 (before even Google!). They offer good results when searching for information but their main focus now seems more geared towards entertainment content rather than serious research-based queries like its competitors do better these days!

4 Baidu: The Chinese equivalent of google makes up fourth place on our list – though not available outside China due its censorship laws within that country; nevertheless they still boast an impressive market share inside China itself thanks largely due their expansive range of services such as music streaming & video hosting etc…

5 DuckDuckGo : This privacy focused alternative gained popularity recently after Edward Snowden revealed government surveillance programs being conducted by US agencies – thus prompting people into using DDG instead (which does not track or store any user data). It may lack some features compared others here but if security & privacy are paramount then this should be your go-to option !

6 Ask Jeeves/Ask : Formerly known simply “Ask Jeeves” before rebranding back 2015 , Ask remains relatively unknown compared other entries here however they do provide some unique features such voice recognition capabilities which could come handy certain situations .

7 AOL Search Engine : Owned by Verizon media group , AOL boasts over 20 million monthly users worldwide despite having been around since 1995 . Their algorithm provides relevant results based upon user intent rather than keywords alone making them attractive choice those looking something specific without drowning irrelevant noise elsewhere .

8 WolframAlpha : Unlike traditional search engine Wolfram Alpha focuses providing answers scientific questions or calculations ; powered vast array data sources including mathematical equations , algorithms etc.. It perfect tool students researching.

So, which search engine do you use most often and which provides the best results ? Comment below.

By Harry