TPG Singapore 50 GB for S$10 prepaid planTPG Singapore 50 GB for S$10 prepaid plan

We received this tip off from our readers. The information first appeared on the TGP AGM statement.

From the pricing leaked on the slide, it looks like both Singapore’s MNO and MVNOs will have to adjust their price plans to counter it.

The Prepaid Plan will be priced at $10 for 50 GB Of data and 1 GB of free data roam in selected countries.

It will be bundled with 300 mins of talktime to local mobile and landline. There is also 300 SMS thrown into the plan. We assume that caller ID and free incoming calls are part of the package.

As some readers asked, what is meant by a prepaid plan? Our understanding is that you have to prepaid the account by topping up with cash just like you would do so for prepaid SIM or EZ-Link card. The amount will be deducted accordingly. Will this plan be for prepaid or postpaid customers to port in their numbers ? That remains to be seen as details are still sketchy at this moment.

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By Harry