If you are a TPG trial user or a paying customer, the S$10 per mth for 50 GB is a very attractive plan.

Although TPG has commercially launched their services, there are certain things that still require them to iron out before.

FIrst, the MRT underground coverage which everyone is asking for.

Secondly, the data roaming for neighbouring countries.

Wait, what if I tell you that TPG lines cannot call through 3 series and some ported over 6 series numbers ?

To date, it is confirmed, be it trial or paying users, it takes some luck to get through their own home fixed number (ported number from Singtel).

If you work from home and uses the Zoom software, you will need to call in thru a 3 series number. To be exact it is 31587288.

You will be greeted with an China accent English speaking bot “Sorry, your call is restricted”.

It is impotant to note that not all users make calls via WhatsApp or FB Messenger. We do make calls directly. It is also regretted that many of the older phones do not support TPG’s VoLTE and you need to install the TGP Voice app to make and receive calls.

I hope TPG will seriously sort out all these problems as soon as possible.

[Update 20/4/2020] TPG has resolved the call issues to 3 and 6 series numbers.