Video walkthrough of the interface of LG GD880
bluetooth 11 Jul 2010

In the following video, we take a look at the interface and options available on the handset. We find that the interface is pretty smooth compared to the LG BL40 Chocolate. In some instances, the pinch and zoom doesn’t seem to respond that fast as compared to the iPhone. Other than that, the experience is pretty good.

The 3 pages of the mainpage are customisable with shortcuts, widgets or bookmarks. 3 pages seems to be too little as there are probably more applications for this platform in the future. You can already set a number of widgets out of the box and they include, weather fotrecase, BBC news, FoxNews,, CNN international . You can download more widgets when available via the widget download manager.

Configure the SNS (Social network services) and you get twitter and facebook feeds right on the “desktop” for real time updates.

See the video below for more: