Review conclusion of LG GD880 Mini
Bluetooth 12 Jul 2010

LG GD880 Mini is definitely an improvement over the older LG traditional feature phones. With the more user friendly interface, it makes it easier for users to find the feature they require. In fact, the menu is quite well laid out and you don’t have to down multi levels to find the function you need.

The responsiveness is also greatly improved over the LG BL40. Compared to the Android LG GT540 optimus that uses the resistive screen, the GD880 Mini is definitely easier to use with a single hand as it is smaller and uses a capactive screen.

Sometimes features phone are ready to use out of the box. Nevertheless the competition from Android will give it a run of it’s money. If the GD880 Mini is powered by Android 2.1, it will probably be one of the best design Android mini phones in the market. Moreover, Android marketplace has multitude of applications whereas the LG GD880 Mini will have to rely on developers on their developer network to come out with new applications for this closed platform. What I am afraid is that feature phone development is usually not long lasting and applications can be quite limited. Just look at the abandoned BL40 and you get what I mean.

If LG is serious about developing their own developer network and proprietary OS, it is time to spend more effort to support your high end feature phones. Otherwise, it should be time to launch a GD880 Android edition. It will definitely sell better with it’s vast amount of applications in marketplace.