Walton Chaintech Launches Three Flash Solid State Disks
APOGEE A-Series, C-Series & L-Series SSD

Demonstrating its ambitions in fulfilling consumers’ needs with three APOG?? SSD series all at once


3 November 2010, Taipei, TaiwanWalton Chaintech Corporation, manufacturer of memory modules and computer components and accessories, today announces three brand-new APOG?? SSD series to demonstrate its capability in fulfilling consumers’ requirement in high-speed and large storage equipments. The  APOG?? A-series, C-series and L-series all incorporate the mainstream SATA II interface, and yet, each offers unique features and targets at different segment of gamers, price-sensitive and entry-level consumers, respectively.

APOG?? A-series SSD – Pushing the limits in storage technology for gamers

The APOG?? A-series SSD offers unsurpassed solid performance without sacrificing its cool, quiet and energy efficient operation conditions. Built with SATA II interface, it can be easily integrated into today’s mobile and desktop platforms.

Dimensioned at 99.8×69.63×9.3mm (L.W.H.), the APOG?? A-series is a 2.5” slim design form factor. Incorporating SandForce & Intel MLC solutions, the A-series offers capacity of 60~120GB. The read and write rate can go up to 285MB/s and 275MB/s, respectively, and it offers random 4KB write of 50,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). The seek time/buffering time is  0.1ms. The TRIM feature is also available for the system to inform the A-series to block the data that is no longer considered in use and can be wiped internally. Finally, the APOG?? A-series can handle up to 1500G after the shock resistance test.

The APOG?? A-series is designed to definitely push the envelop in storage technology for those who value speed and reliability.

APOG?? C-series SSD – affordable for price-sensitive consumers

To ensure solid performance coupled with consistent reliability, the APOG?? C-series SSD employs Indilinx Barefoot controllers and Intel MLC solution with a 64MB onboard cache. Also a 2.5” slim design form factor and same size as the A-series, its capacity is from 30GB to 120GB. The read and write rate can go up to 250MB/s and 180MB/s, respectively. All these make the C-series certainly an ideal storage device for consumers who seek for price-performance.

APOG?? L-series SSD – perfect for entry-level consumers

The L-series SSD offers outstanding and reliable performances while maintaining low power consumption and exceptional cost effectiveness. It also employs Indilinx controllers plus Intel MLC solution with a 64MB onboard cache to ensure solid performance coupled with consistent reliability. The capacity is from 30GB to 120GB, while its read and write rates ranged from 125~150MB/s and 70~120MB/s, respectively. The outlook design for L-series is just the same as A-series and C-series, but with a special blue color at the curve to make it even more notable. The APOG?? L-Series SSD can be very attractive to the entry-level consumers.

The three Walton Chaintech SSD series are already available in market at the suggested retail price range below (depending on the model/capacity):

–        APOGEE A-series – US$147~$288

–        APOGEE C-series – US$96~$284

–        APOGEE L-series – US$91~$263