The WD My Cloud is a nice add on to the home or small office network. It is a lightweight device and looks good wherever it’s place. Setting it up is a breeze. Once you setup the accounts, you are up and ready. One thing we noticed is that this device doesn’t seem to have a power on/off button. What would happen to the HDD when we just unplug the power line?

Secondly, this device is not a RAID drive. Basically, it’s capabilities is within the 3TB and extended storage you can add on using USB 3.0 port. It might be a good idea to use WD SmartWare to also do a backup to other backup devices if you are paranoid of losing your data. You might want to consider WD My Cloud EX2 NAS.

Thirdly, the absence of wireless network access to the device. You will have to place the device next to the router by connecting it via CAT 5e cable.

In Conclusion, WD has made the right step in providing a simple cloud solution. A personal cloud is definitely more secure than a public cloud. In any case, if data security is required, you might want to consider some third party encryption tools to secure your data before placing it in any cloud.

OCWorkbench gives the WD My Cloud 3TB our Gold Award.

Pricing : WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud Storage – NAS (WDBCTL0030HWT-NESN)



By Harry