Performance Test using speedtest

The N900 Central 2TB is put to three tests in wired and wireless mode. The network is connected to a 100Mbps M1 Fibre internet broadband. In wired mode, the notebook, a HP Envy 14 is connected directly to the Gigabit Ethernet port at the back of the network device.

In wireless mode, the notebook is connected to the router via the 5GHz band. The notebook is around 2 metres away from the wireless router.

We get around 81Mbps downlink and 82Mbps of uplink. This is versus almost 99Mbps downlink and 90Mbps uplink when we are wired to the router. The result is impressive for close range. If we were to move to the 2nd level, the speed drops to around 60-70MBps using the 2.4GHz band as the 5GHz band seems to be blocked by the concrete wall.

speedtest using wifi