The WD My Net N900 Central is an all rounder. Not only is it an all rounder, it is also a wireless backup device and a person cloud station for your media viewing and posting direct from your smartphone and camera.

It’s multipurpose capability did not hamper it’s performance as a wireless router. As we can see from the performance results, the WiFi-N speeds are impressive. The speeds are achieve with other smartphones and tablets connected to the router.  Wired speed is definitely the best but it still can’t saturate the 1GB/s network link.

I particularly like the WD SmartWare as a set and forget software to backup your PC or notebooks. So far, we have 2 machines which are auto backup wired and wirelessly.  My gut feeling is that it takes a while to backup my notebook even though I am connected directly. I might consider Windows backup with a mapped drive to the router instead (untested).

No device is perfect. To date, I find that the firmware version 1.05 to be most stable and performs well for me. The latest 1.06 firmware seems a bit buggy which remains to be fixed.

To summarise, this product is definitely a speed demon as a router. In addition, it has a  lot of features that are useful. That is especially in auto backup and personal cloud.

The 2TB HDD should be big enough to store all your various files residing in all your PCs notebooks and cloud storage for your smartphones and tablets.


I highly recommend this product to readers who are looking for a smart all rounder network device. I give it a 8.5 out of 10 and our Editor’s Choice.

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